In an ideal world, or in “blogland”, the blogger’s imaginary world where every single detail in a home is picture worthy, a closet looks like this : 3 or 4 high tag designers’ pieces of clothing, a pair of black heels nonchalantly thrown on the floor, and a minimalist cloth hanger.

But in the real world, you and I know that we have more clothing pieces than we actually need to survive, more shoes, that couple pair of jeans that are too small but we swear we’ll fit into one day. And more accessories. So what’s the secret of these gorgeous spaces that show a minimalist mood and hide the ugly piles of clothing? They have mastered the art of storage and more specifically closet storage.

As you know, the countdown to our family move to our new home is now imminent, and it’s obvious that we, as a family, are going to have to shrink a whole lot our livable square footage. So I went on a mission to search clever closet design for our new home in Utrecht.
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