We will just know

One day we will meet again. And we will begin to walk hand in hand because our souls will recognize each other and smile. We won’t even speak about it, because we will just know.

While we are one, I will bring you my truth. It will be real and powerful and magnificent.  And you will love it. For a while. I will show it to you, and you will be amazed and wonder at my clarity. And you will honor it because you just know.


On that day the journey begins… and it will be lovely and sweet. It will be special and precious. And we won’t let go because we will just know.

In days of sunshine and rain, I will bring you my dance. It will be passionate, sexy and mesmerizing. And you will love it. Because it will entice you to move in ways you never considered. I will dance with you and you will dance with me. Because we can. And you will hold me because you just know.

We will talk about how life is fragile, time is swift. Nothing stays the same and everything, absolutely everything is subject to change. And we will look into each other’s eyes and honor the space between us. Because the space within us is everything, and perfect. And in this space we will expand.

And when the end does come, as endings so often do, we will embrace one another with tenderness and release hands with grace. And in the ending we will not despair, because we will know… that nothing truly ends. It only changes, evolves, transmutes and transcends.

And we will smile and walk with dignity and gratitude, because we just know.

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