Love : fall into it so easily


Love. We can fall into it so easily. One look, one smile, one laugh and we are captivated.When we fall in love, our brains respond to a chemical reaction similar to what happens when taking cocaine. We crave it, can’t get enough of it. Love can motivate our actions and reactions. Love can make us blind. True love is profound, deep, and selfless.

What underscores true, selfless love is unity or oneness. Oneness means that your soul connects to the soul of another. It means you release your selfish desires and consider the needs of the other. And the person you love does the same. Our ego interferes by convincing us that our needs are more important. Instead of a continuous flow of sharing, when our ego gets involved, we interact with others on a superficial level, literally blinded by our egos. Subsequently, we are unable to recognize ourselves in the soul of another.

“What do you mean by true love? If you’re referring to the expression of the warmth, the excitement, the desires that become aroused, the chemistry that is so wonderful, my friends, that is not a sign of love. On the contrary, a sign of love is something so simple. You just know it’s there…You just know you don’t want to be without this person for one moment.”

Unselfish love is crucial, not just for the bliss we feel when united with the soul of another. It is the key to self-transformation and positive change for the world. When we connect to a partner on a soul level, we are better able to connect to others, whether friends or strangers. When two people unite in unselfish love, their ability to rise above selfishness weakens the collective ego and the spiritual energy of the world strengthens.

So Love unselfishly and be pure – HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!

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