I Am A Dangerous Woman

I am a dangerous woman…
Infinitely compassionate and wildly loving.
Softly strong and strongly soft in my ways.
Don’t get too close, you may see dreams come true and wishes appear from thin air.
I am a dangerous woman…….
Able to give unconditional love from an endless well within.
Blindingly bright ~ I will continue to shine until the stars fade from the heavens.
For God’s sake, don’t give me your heart, I might show you what it’s for and how to use it.
I am a dangerous woman……
Capable and real.
Genuine and wise.
Whatever you do, don’t tell me your secrets, I will keep them.
I am a dangerous woman…….
Gently staunch in my defense of family, friends and home.
Crazy in love with my life.
Don’t expose me to your children, I may teach them something of value.
I am a dangerous woman………
Reveling in my sensuality.
Enjoying all the pleasures of being female.
Stay away from me if a lover that is both your equal and your joy is what you seek.
I am all that I am meant to be.
If this means danger then……
I AM a dangerous woman.

There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in CHANGE there is POWER. No looking back, Love where Iam going!


1 Comment

  1. Allow me to fight for you
    I know what I’m doing is right
    To fight for you
    With all my might.
    Even if you go far astray
    I won’t give up,
    I won’t turn away.
    I will fight for you, every hour, of every day.
    I’ve been trying to find the words
    To prove my love is true,
    No matter what happens
    I will always fight for you.
    Always love and care for you,
    And never again break your heart.
    I promise you this,
    I’ll always play my part.
    I know what I’m doing is right,
    Me fighting for you,
    We’ve been through everything together
    So I know we’ll pull through.
    For you I’ll do it all
    I will hold you tight
    Even be there when you call,
    In the middle of the night.
    I’ll be there when the bad dreams won’t end,
    When they keep you up at night.
    I’ll wipe away those tears, my love
    Don’t worry, I will make it right.
    And I don’t care if the buildings five stories tall
    No matter what happens,
    I’ll always be there, I’ll always catch you when you fall.
    I will fight for you, my dear
    Until at last you know.
    That my love for you
    Can only grow.
    I know these are but words to you
    But trust I mean them to the core.
    They are everything I promise to do.
    And much, much more

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